On Wednesday September 18th, between 16.00-19.00, participants will have the opportunity to visit three Therapeutic Programmes in Thessaloniki.
More information about each Programme can be found at the bottom of the page.




KETHEA PROMITHEAS is a drug rehabilitation program in North Greece that targets prisoners and released drug users. With the operation of Counseling Centers within the detention facilities, it aims to raise awareness and mobilize incarcerated users, while in the same time with the operation of the Therapeutic Community of 24-hour stay, a separate ward within the Thessaloniki detention facility takes advantage of the retention time for rehabilitation. The reception and reintegration center in the city center welcomes the released users and guides them towards their smooth reintegration. Finally, the family support center focuses on family relationships and their rehabilitation during the treatment of those concerned.


KETHEA ITHAKI, based in Thessaloniki, is the first therapeutic programme created in Greece, paving the way for rehabilitation and social reintegration.

For 35 years, KETHEA supports drug users and their families free of charge and without waiting lists, constantly evolving its services to meet their changing needs.

Depending on the needs of substance users and their families, KETHEA ITHAKI offers programs of shorter or longer duration and intensity, with the option of staying inside the community or not.

In the residence of the Therapeutic Community, one has the opportunity to move away from substance abuse and crime by incorporating into his daily life an increasing number of factors related to taking real responsibility, creation, learning, mutual help and self-awareness, and socialism.

Through group healing processes, KETHEA ITHAKI emphasizes the psychosocial dimension of the use of addictive substances. 

KETHEA ITHAKI belongs to the nationwide rehabilitation and social reintegration network of the Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA).




ARGO – Alternative Therapeutic Program for Addicted Individuals” is a non Residential, drug-free therapeutic program. It pertains to the Greek National Health System and, specifically, to the General Hospital of Thessaloniki “G. PAPANIKOLAOU” – Organic Unit Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki. It deals with any kind of dependency from illegal drugs (heroin, cocaine, cannabis, stimulants etc.) and other addictive behaviors (internet addiction, gambling, prescription medicine etc.), offering its services free of charge to people over 18 years old.
It is the 1st Program providing ambulatory (non residential) therapy to individuals in Thessaloniki and it was founded in May 1998. The addict is not treated as a patient, but as a person who is encouraged to assume their responsibilities, to adapt a new way of life and behavior and a new value system in order to live a life without any kind of dependency.
The Program’s philosophy is based on three fundamental principles: personal freedom, collectivity and creativity. 
The free and willing encounter with the others. Personal freedom is not an individual characteristic, but it is essential within the frame of collectivity. Collectivity offers the social conditions for personal freedom. Creativity is about personal freedom and collectivity in all aspects of life.

In that sense:
Collectivity is the condition
Creativity is the means of achievement
Personal freedom is the final goal


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